Xadow Audio


The Xadow Audio integrates a speaker box and a microphone on one single board. The speaker unit is rated at 0.7Watt with an impedance of 8 ohm. Unlike the regular cone type speakers, the loudspeaker driver used on the Xadow Audio has a flat surface and is mounted in a rectangular enclosure, which enables it to reproduce sounds at an amazing effect.


  • Open source and modular design
  • Built-in enclosure for speaker
  • Combines speaker and microphone on one board
  • Built-in Xadow Connectors for easy pluggable FPC cables
  • Stackable and chain-able with other Xadow Modules
  • Perfect choice for your audio and DIY Phone projects


Speaker Box

Item Value
Resonant Frequency 900 Hz
Impedance 8 ± 20% ohms
Rated Power 0.7 W
MAX. Power 1 W
Frequency Range 900 Hz to 20 kHz


Item Value
Microphone Sensitivity -42dBV Typ
Max Input Sound Pressure 130dB SPL


Item Value(mm) Value(Inch)
Speaker 13mm × 18mm × 4.5mm 0.51”× 0.71” × 0.18”
Microphone 2.95mm × 3.76mm 0.12” × 0.15”
Board 25.37mm × 20.30mm 1” × 0.8”

Hardware Overview

Make it now

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Module Connection

Connect the Modules as instructed, please bear in mind that the unfilled corner should be facing the other side:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The schematic diagram of Xadow Audio is provide in the following link:

Check more info about the Speaker box and the Microphone:

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