DC framework solenoid HCNE1-0630


This 12-Volt DC framework solenoid is great for projects! These types of solenoid are often used for automatic door locks,vending machines,robot etc. However, they work great for almost any project requiring a DC solenoid.

The solenoid operating temperature should not exceed 80 ℃, or continuous working time less than 1 minute.


  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Outline size(mm): 16×19×30
  • Movable core: 6(g)
  • Loss efficiency: 9.6(W)
  • Gravitation: 0mm:1030(g), 2mm:400g, 4mm:220g
  • Easily fixed and connected
  • Temperature stability, long product life and ensure good performance
  • E ring and rubber gasket make the operation of the solenoid valve mute
  • Low friction to ensure high efficiency and extend the life of
  • Simple and reliable design

Application Ideas

  • Vending machines, ticket vending machines,money exchange machine
  • Office equipment: fax machines, punch card machines, copiers, typewriters, cash registers, plotters
  • Transport equipment: automatic door locks, safety belt lock, automotive solenoid valve, parking facilities
  • Appliances: tape recorder, video recorder, keyboard, automatic knitting machine, karaoke machine
  • Other: packaging machine, robot, farming equipment, stamping equipment, alarm, water solenoid valve



Operating conditions:

  • Operation temperature: -5 ℃ to 40 ℃, the solenoid valve will not solidification.

  • Operating humidity: 45% to 85%, the solenoid valve will not solidification.

  • Storage temperature: -40 ℃ to 75 ℃ in between, the solenoid valve will not solidification.

  • Storage Humidity: 0% to 95%, the solenoid valve will not solidification.

Performance to show:

  • Temperature: 65 ℃ or less, can be used for more than a million times.

  • Maximum working temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃.

No. Name
1 Fixed framework
2 Cover
3 Movable core
4 Fixed core
5 Solenoid axis
6 Solenoid
7 Conduit

Test temperature

  • Environment temperature23±2

  • Realative humidity50±10%

  • Air pressure1013MPa

  • Insulation resistanceneed 100MΩ insulating resistance when 500VDC insulator testing.

  • Insulation strengththe strength should be 600VAC/1 min DC standard product table.


Hardware Installation


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