2KM Long Range RF link kits w/ encoder and decoder


This is a super long-range 433mhz RF link kit. It comes with VCO, PLL technology, steady frequency and super anti-jamming ability. You can directly use it with your projects, like wireless data transport, remote control, etc.


Parameter Value
Working voltage Receiver(3-5V), Transmitter(3-9V)
Working current ≤2.5mA(5.0VDC)
Principle of operation Superhet(VCO, PLL)
Modulation OOK/ASK
Working band 433.92MHz (customized service available)
Bandwidth 1.5MHz
Sensitivity -105dBm (50Ω)
Rate <5Kbps
Decoding form PT2272
Antenna length 18cm
Transmission range 2 km

Application Ideas

  • Wireless switch
  • Remote transmission
  • Wireless control

Hardware Overview

Getting Started

  • Please follow the Instruction to hook up the communication system.
  • Connect battery, button and transmit boards.


Please use 3-5V power source! 9V will damage the receiver board.

  • Connect battery, LEDs and receiver boards.


Do not put RX module and TX module too close: this would prevent them to work. Make sure that the RX module and TX module are at least 1 meter away from each other.

  • When we press the button on the Transmitter side, the related LED on receiver side will be turned on.


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