DSO Quad:Building Firmware


Building the DSO Quad firmware from source

This page currently only has information for GCC on Debian. Please add information on more environments if you know how to set them up.

Using GCC and Debian

 apt-get install --no-install-recommends  build-essential autoconf flex bison texinfo libncurses5-dev libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev libmpc-dev libftdi-dev
 git clone [git://github.com/esden/summon-arm-toolchain.git](git://github.com/esden/summon-arm-toolchain.git)
 cd summon-arm-toolchain
 $EDITOR summon-arm-toolchain

..and ensure that the following settings are in force:




The toolchain installs to ~/sat/. Next:

 git clone [https://github.com/tmbinc/dsoquad](https://github.com/tmbinc/dsoquad)
 cd dsoquad/src/app
 PATH=$PATH:~/sat/bin make

And then you should find .hex files in that directory ready for upload.

disc space usage

$ du -sh  summon-arm-toolchain/  sat/  dsoquad/
 117M    summon-arm-toolchain/
 229M    sat/
 1.9M    dsoquad/

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