Codec-Adaptive Wireless Relay


A wireless relay is a codec-adaptive RF receiver with single channel relay. It helps easily deployment of wireless AC control for electrical appliances.

  • Max 30 difference codec, unlimited controller or transmitter of each codec

  • Adaption of most popular RF remote controller, except rolling code

Application Ideas

  • Lighting

  • Electrical door, window

  • Security

  • Industrial control

  • Home automation


  • Voltage:DC12V

  • Working current: 6mA

  • Working temperature: -30℃ ~ +70℃

  • Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz

  • Sensitivity: -105dbm

  • Control Circuit: AC/DC

  • Output current: ≤10A

  • Dimension: 503417mm

Pin definition and Rating


  • A. Latch – Connect pin 1.2

  • B. Interlock – Connect pin 2.3

  • C. Non-latch – Empty


Codec Adaption

  1. Power up, press red button until LED lit.

  2. Within 20 seconds, press any button on RF remote or activate transmitter, LED blink then off to notify adaption successful.

Code Clearance

Powerup, press red button for 6 seconds until LED off, codec cleared.


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