Grove - Base Shield for IOIO-OTG


IOIO is a board specially designed to work with your Android device. And this Grove - Base Shield for IOIO is an expansion board for IOIO to work with abundant Grove resources. There are 6 ready Grove sockets on the board covering functions like ADC and I2C. And in this way, all Grove Modules are accessible for the IOIO board. Wanna make some projects with IOIO and need some sensors or display? This Grove - Base Shield for IOIO can bring you this convenience.


J1,J2: can be used for TWI.

J3,J6,J7,J8: can be used inputs and outputs, include PWM, UART.

The pins describe mapping to the Grove - Base Shield for IOIO-OTG board as show below:

Grove Interface IOIO Pin A/D I²C PPSi PPSo PIC Pin PIC function
J2 1 DA1 Y Y 31 SDA2/RP10/GD4/CN17/RF4
2 CL1 Y Y 32 SCL2/RP17/GD5/CN18/RF5
J1 4 DA0 Y Y 43 DPLN/SDA1/RP4/GD8/CN54/RD9
5 CL0 Y Y 44 SCL1/RP3/GD6/CN55/RD10
J3 11 Y Y 50 DPH/RP23/CN51/RD2
12 Y Y 51 RP22/GEN/CN52/RD3
J6 13 Y Y 52 RP25/GCLK/CN13/RD4
14 Y Y 53 RP20/GPWR/CN14/RD5
J7 33 Y Y Y 50 DPH/RP23/CN51/RD2
34 Y Y Y 51 RP22/GEN/CN52/RD3
J8 37 Y Y Y 17 PGEC2/AN6/RP6/CN24/RB6
38 Y Y Y 18 PGED2/AN7/RP7/RCV/CN25/RB7


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