Basic Fastener Kit


Basic Fastener Kit contains many standard components, including Screws,nuts,rivers,cableties etc. The parts can be used in fastening different pieces in mechanical designs(such as building robots), isolating or fastening PCB, connecting shells etc. This box can help makers get rid of the annoyance of searching for Standard parts. It is compact ,light in weight and portable, providing convenience to makers.

Part List

Part Name Specification Description Image Quantity
Rivet R2056 White nylon ![]( 20
R2064 Black nylon ![]( 20
R3075 ![]( 20
R3100 ![]( 20
Screw M2X8 Hardware & Cross head ![]( 40
M3X6 ![]( 20
M3X8 ![]( 20
M3X12 ![]( 20
M3X16 ![]( 20
Nut M2X1.7 Hardware & ![]( 40
M3X2.5 ![]( 50
Copper Column M3X6+6 single head ![]( 12
M3X12+6 Double pass ![]( 12
M3X20+6 ![]( 12
Hollow Column ø3X3 ABS ![]( 12
ø3X8 ![]( 12
ø4X12 ![]( 12
Plastic Column M3X12+6 Nylon (A single head) ![]( 12
M3X20+6 ![]( 12
Cable Tie 3X60mm Nylon ![]( 20
Shim ø3X1.2 Nylon ![]( 50
Rubber Pad ø8X2.5 Transparent silicone ![]( 20


Here is an example that used some parts of this Basic Fastener Kit. If you have similar projects, the Basic Fastener Kit is necessary.

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