BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape


BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape is a general integrated HDMI connector for expanding your BeagleBone to a rich variety of peripherals such as computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device. This board features a standard HDMI receptacle that can be connected to a monitor with a standard HDMI-to-HDMI cable. All HD signals are supported, and the output resolution is 1280×720. It also can be used to transmit audio information. This product will make your applications based on BeagleBone board more versatile for different circumstances.


  • Plug and play.
  • Adapter to different input signal.
  • 720P(1280×720) output resolution.


Parameter Value
Input voltage 5V/3.3V
Maxium operating current 80 mA
HDMI version Version 1.2
Maxium Output resolution 1280x720 @60Hz
Audio transmission Available
Chip IT66121 HDMI Framer(Datasheet)

Platforms Supported

Application ideas

You can expand your BeagleBone to more multimedia peripherals such computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device.

Hardware Overview

IT66121 HDMI Framer

  • HDMI Transmitter

Cape I2C address Switch

  • To switch between different cape address identifier.


  • EEPROM memory for this cape.

HDMI Connector

Parts list

Parts name Quantity
BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape 1

Get started

This part will show you how to start with this product in a few steps.


  • BeagleBone Green board(with OS Installed first) × 1.
  • USB cable (type A to micro type B) × 1.
  • Standard HDMI cable(type A to type A) × 1.

Hardware Connection


We use Windows 7 in this case. After connection work is done, plug a computer mouse into USB interface on BeagleBone Green board.

Plug USB cable(type C end) to your PC, you will find that a BeagleBone desktop is shown on your computer monitor.

Then you can use BeagleBone like a PC or a Mac.

Trouble shooting

  1. No BeagleBone desktop operation system is shown on the computer monitor? Try one of following steps.

    • Power down the monitor and restart it.
    • Press RESET button on BeagleBone Green board.
    • Press POWER button on BeagleBone Green board and then press it again.

  2. The computer mouse does not work(not powered)?

    • Press RESET button on BeagleBone Green board and wait it to launch.
  3. How disassemble BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape quickly?

    • Pull(with your hand) the end with HDMI receptacle out first, then pull the other end out. Repeat previous two steps again if it is necessary.


This video shows how to use BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape to surfing Internet and play audio.


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