Rainbow Cube kit - RGB 4*4*4 (Rainbowduino Compatible)


Rainbow Cube Kit is a 3D RGB LED Cube useful for creating colorful design. The 3D Cube is artistically crafted with sixty-four 8mm RGB LEDs arranged in a 4 x 4 x 4 manner. Rainbow Cube Kit can be used to create many beautiful visual effects with A Rainbowduino. The Rainbow Cube Kit comes with an inbuilt 3.3V / 1 Amp LDO useful for powering the kit independently. A XBee compatible socket is provided as well, this can be used to connect Rainbowduino with a PC or an Arduino wirelessly.

This is sold in a Kit form. For a fully assembled kit see Rainbow Cube

Unassembled Rainbow Cube Kit

Rainbow Cube Kit illuminated with random colors

Kit Contents

1. 8mm RGB LED x70 2. Cube Panel X1 3. Slim Panel PCB X4
4. Side A slim PCB X4 5. Side B slim PCB X4 6. 2.54mm 40pin male header X5
7. 2.54mm 40pin femail header X2 8. 2.54mm 16pin female header X3 9. 2.0mm 10pin female header X2
10. 8pin female header X5 11. 2X3 female header X1 12. JST power cable X1
13 3.5mm 4pin green terminal X1 14 3.5mm DC jack X1 15 3mm LED red X1
16. 3mm LED green X1 17. 1K 1/8w resistor X4 18. 10k 1/8w resistor X1
19. 15k 1/8w resistor X1 20. linear voltage regulator X1 21. 10uF_16v_E-CAP X2


  • 8mm RGB diffused LEDs.

  • 4 x 4 x 4 arrangement

  • XBee compatible socket

  • Provides a 3.3V/1 Ampere LDO for power the Cube with unregulated DC 6-9V. Useful when not powered by USB.

  • Provides 8 Red, 8 Green and 8 Blue common cathode pins along with 8 Vcc pins in a 2 x 16 header pin.

    • Controllable with a 8 x 8R,8G,8B multiplexed PWM LED driver like Rainbowduino.

Application Ideas

  • Colorful LED display : Mix various intensities of RED, GREEN and BLUE channels to produce different colors

  • Bright mood Lamp / Night lamp

  • Useful for artistic application.


  • Rainbow Cube Kit is made up of two parts :

    • Panel (board) which supports the cube structure.

      • The Cube structure (8 slim pillars, 8 side panels).
  • Click here to download Rainbow Cube Kit


Operating Voltage

  • 3.3V


  • 8mm common anode RGB LED.

  • 4 Leads (Blue-shortest lead,Green, Anode-longest lead, Red).

  • Max forward current IF = 20mA.

Pin definition and Rating

All pins are accessible from the Panel board show below.

Panel board (bottom view)