Unibody box for Galileo Gen2


Unibody box for Galileo Gen2 is a protective casing for Intel Galileo board. It is durable and simple to assemble which will save you lot thoughts while you trying to keep you applications safe. The interface holes allow for expansion connections. With it, just like an external hard disk driver casing does for us, you will give your favorable portability. In addition, it is designed with minimalism style and look attractive.


  • Durable PMMA material to ensure you applications always be safe.

  • Specially designed auto-lock, simple to use.

  • Light weight and compact design.

  • Minimalistic style.



Material PMMA
Color Transparent
Dimensions 136(L) * 80(W) * 20(H) mm

Parts list

Parts name Quantity
Unibody box for Galileo Gen2 1 PCS
Screw 5 PCS

Assemle guides

It is quite necessary to read this guide before assembling you Galileo board into this box.

Note :

  1. Peel off masking paper first.

  2. Please put a screw right into one hole and fix it slowly.

  3. Push stopper close horizontally and gently with thumb and index finger before press the lid to avoid breaking stopper.

4. Push stopper close horizontally and gently first as you want to take out the lid.


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